Zero Suicide Workforce Survey Administrative Portal

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Zero Suicide Workforce Survey
Administrative Portal

Overview of the Zero Suicide Workforce Survey

One component of a Zero Suicide framework is a competent, confident, and well-trained workforce, regardless of role or responsibility. The Zero Suicide Workforce Survey is one tool your organization can use to assess staff self-perception of their knowledge and comfort interacting with patients who may be at risk for suicide, including comfort and skill providing specific elements of care such as screening, treatment, and support during care transitions. It can also assist your implementation team in designing and prioritizing training needs.

Purpose of the Zero Suicide Workforce Survey Administrative Portal

This portal is for individuals who are interested in requesting access to the Zero Suicide Workforce Survey for their organization.  By completing this form, you are indicating your intent to initiate the process through which your organization will be granted access to the survey.  This is a non-binding commitment that you may rescind at any point in time.  Completing this form simply initiates the start of a conversation with the Zero Suicide Institute.  We will take the information that you provide to customize the survey to your organization and will then reach out to you with next steps.  This form should only be completed by those individuals who are ready to enter into the final stages of planning to make the survey available to your organization.